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 My name is Elsemarié van der Walt. I first qualified as a civil engineer, but with the experience of motherhood my focus started to shift towards people and wellness.  I am an Advanced TRE® Provider, and have recently completed an honours degree in psychology with the aim of doing further research about TRE®. I believe that the reduction of stress arousal enhances both physiological and psychological well-being. On a larger scale this can enhance the wellness of a household, family, corporate team, community, and even a country.

I offer TRE® sessions to individuals, groups, and in corporate settings.

How a TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) session works

TRE® entails seven simple exercises with the leg and hip muscles to prepare the body to go into the natural mechanism of tremoring to normalise stress hormones and relax muscles. Exercises can be adjusted for physical limitations.  A period of tremoring while lying on a mat (or softer surface if required) is then allowed.  It is recommended to do four to six facilitated weekly sessions to learn how to use the process as a stress management tool for yourself.

The first session is an hour and a half and includes an explanation of the mechanism of stress arousal and survival responses, as well as the TRE® process.  Subsequent sessions are an hour long.

This method is useful for both long term stress that has accumulated gradually and following acute traumatic experiences.

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The latter site also provides names of other TRE® Providers in different regions of South Africa.